Pump Up the Volume

Ask us about a car stereo installation or car alarm installation in Amarillo, TX

When you want an upgrade from your default stereo’s tinny, quiet sound, it’s time for a car stereo installation. Mono's Auto Boutique installs high-quality stereos from all major brands, including DS18, in Amarillo, TX.

Plus, you can visit us for:

  • Radio installation services
  • Door speaker installation services
  • Car alarm installation services

Whether you need boosted bass or just a better way to listen to your favorite stations, we have all the top audio gear. To schedule audio installation services, contact our local auto shop today.

Our team doesn't cut corners

Our team doesn't cut corners

When you invest in a car stereo installation, you should know that you're getting your money's worth. You should be confident about a car alarm installation or another addition to your vehicle, too. That's why our crew will draw from more than 12 years of experience and complete your installation carefully. Call us right away to choose audio equipment for your vehicle.